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About pitlift

After the decision for closing down the production site of company SLIFT at Tiefenbronn in 2008, we have decided to continue what we have done during our many years of experience at SLIFT - building pit jacks and inground lifts.

Beside the standard product range of pit jacks for trucks and inground lifts for cars, we have developed into experts in the installation of inground lifts into cassettes of other manufacturers.

With our patented dowel-inground lifts we offer a perfect solution to install a high-quality pitlift inground lift into every existing cassette without construction work.

Skilled stuff and production in Germany guarantee a high quality product. Our flexibility and strong spirit of innovation enable us to fulfill all customer requests.

Our service crew consists of experienced technicians - all former SLIFT employees. Maintenance and repair of pit jacks, commissioning of above- and inground lifts can be covered by our service team.

  • lifts to fit third-party cassettes
  • inground lifts
  • repair lifting heads/plate supports
  • swing-arm lifting heads
  • platforms
  • pit jacks
  • traverses
  • support systems
  • lift pads
  • accessories
  • rubber pads
  • rubber blocks
  • rubber plates
  • special pads

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pitlift GmbH

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Fax: 0 72 31 / 58 937 58
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