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Lifts to fit third-party cassettes

Take advantage of the opportunity to replace your old inground lift without any construction work fast and simple at a reasonable price.

Due to the design - freely suspended cylinders inside the cassette - the installation into nearly all existing cassettes is possible.

Please fill out the cassette data-sheet and we will prepare you an offer tailored to your needs - quick and straightforward at an attractive fixed price.

Fundamentally there are three ways:

  • a) installation into existing frame/cassette
    old Autop cassette
    new 2-cylinder lift without any building works
    old Autop cassette for single ram lifts
    new single ram lift with repair lifting head
    old J.A. Becker cassette
    new 2-cylinder lift with repair lifting head
    old Hofmann cassette
    new 2-cylinder lift with galvanized platforms and additional wheel-free lift with sliding plates and recess for turning plates
  • b) frame replacement if existing frame is worn-out or a lift with higher capacity should be installed.
    existing worn-out frame/cassette
    levelling of the new frame
    new lift
  • c) installation of our dowel-lift bolted onto the pavement; With this system the static of frame and cassettes does not matter
    surface-mounted base-plate
    flush-fit base plate, cranked lifting head
    base plate dimensions and anchor type and size HVZ (HVU-TZ + HAS-TZ), M12x95
  • lifts to fit third-party cassettes
  • inground lifts
  • repair lifting heads/plate supports
  • swing-arm lifting heads
  • platforms
  • pit jacks
  • traverses
  • support systems
  • lift pads
  • accessories
  • rubber pads
  • rubber blocks
  • rubber plates
  • special pads

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